Now Hiring!

We’re not really hiring. This post is mostly for team members to start thinking about what they would like to specialize in.

After Friday’s discussion, here’s what we came up with:

First of all, we broke the whole studio up into 5 major departments, each with several roles:

  • Management – responsible for keeping the project moving forward
    • Producer: That’s me. Job’s taken, sorry.
    • Assistant Producer: Help keep everyone focused. Should be comfortable working with people in all of the other departments. We’re not sure if we’re going to have one or not. If you’d like to be the Assistant Producer, convince me.
  • Coding – they, um, write the code that makes the game work. Duh.
    • Lead Programmer: makes sure everything works. Troubleshoot when things go wrong
    • Gameplay Programmer: makes sure the various game mechanics (jumping, scrolling, etc.) all work. Most likely more than one person.
    • Art Programmer: works with the Art Department to make sure everything is being displayed as it should. Should be comfortable with sprites as well.
    • Level Programmer: codes the various different levels
    • UI Programmer: gets all the User Interface (menus, score, controls, etc.) things to work
  • Design – develop the idea of our game.
    • Lead Designer: Makes sure the game is fun!
    • Level Designer: comes up with interesting levels
    • Mechanics Designer: designs how the game works. How high can we jump? What do red shells do?, etc
    • UI Designer: figures out how the user should interact with the game
    • Lead QA: Quality Assurance. In charge of testing the game to figure out what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Art – make our game pretty!
    • Art Director: make sure everything looks great and stays true to our desired overall style
    • Background Artist: creates the jaw-dropping backgrounds and environments
    • Character Artist: games need characters!
    • Object Artist: design and draw all the objects, shells, mushrooms, starts, etc
    • Animator: convert drawings to sprites when necessary. Works with Coders as well.
  • Sound – ever watch a movie with the sound off? Meh.
    • Lead Sound Designer: creates the audio environment for our game
    • FX Designer: brinks the game events to life

There are probably other roles we haven’t thought about yet, and several roles will be filled by more than one person. If you think you’re the best person for a particular job, all you have to do is convince me.

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