Game Ideas

Today’s meeting was mostly about the different kids of games we’ve played. Some of the genres we came up with were:

  • Platformer (like Mario)
  • First Person Shooter [FPS]
  • Arcade/Action
  • Puzzler
  • Sims
  • Board Games
  • Roguelike
  • Dungeon Crawlers

Most of my games (Schmutz, Pico, Tribbs) have been puzzlers, but I think a platformer may work best for our project. The game I’m working on now, Ape Crazy, will be a platformer of sorts.

Sasha & Chris’s pyramid jumper, as well as Nicole’s pig adventure could both work as 2D, side-scrolling, platformers.

Also, I reminded everyone that our game must somehow, someway connect with our curriculum. However, if you think about what we study, from (super)heroes in English, to the ancient world in History, the possibilities are pretty endless. I’m looking forward to making a final decision tomorrow.

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