We’re Back! Scrum, StencylWorks, and More!

Scrum. Officially, Scrum is an “agile framework for for completing complex projects.” You can begin to learn more about it here. Like most aspects of our project, Scrum really wasn’t designed for 11-year-olds, so official ScrumMasters (yeah, that’s a real thing) may frown upon our implementation. Nonetheless, I like our Scrum Board, and I’m hoping everyone will start looking forward to our daily stand-up meetings.

iStencyl. ¬†Perhaps the biggest change we made was the switch to iStencyl. The coding team has been hard at work learning the basics, but iStencyl’s color-coded Lego-like code blocks make it pretty easy to pick up. If you’re not familiar with iStencyl, it’s kind of like Scratch on steroids, without the training wheels. I’ve been using it a lot lately to try and stay a step ahead of our little code monkeys, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m in the middle of using it to make another math app to follow up Tribbs. Over the next few days, I’m going to show everyone on the team some of the basics of designing behaviors. We’re also all eagerly awaiting some the improvements expected in StencylWorks 2.0.

That’s all for now. If our posts seem sparse or infrequent, it’s probably because we’ve begun using Basecamp for most of our internal communication. We’ll still update the development blog, but probably not as often as we should. If you’re a friend of the project, or a random stranger who wants to offer some words of encouragement (or praise. we really like praise!), you can always reach us at evan (at) RecessStudios.com.


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